JBoss Transactions Resources

There is an extensive set of documentation resources available with JBoss Transactions. This includes papers on transaction basics, reference specifications, architecture documents, presentations, books, articles, and white papers.

Document Version Released    
WS-Coordination Spec 1.0 Aug 2005   Download
WS-AtomicTransaction Spec 1.0 Aug 2005   Download
WS-BusinessActivity Spec 1.0 Aug 2005   Download
Web Services Context (WS-CTX) Spec 1.0 Jul 2003   Download
Web Services Coordination Framework (WS-CF) Spec 1.0 Jul 2003   Download
Web Services Transaction Management (WS-TXM) Spec 1.0 Jul 2003   Download

Related Books

Java Transaction Processing: Design and Implementation by Mark Little, Jon Maron and Greg Pavlik. 2004.

Developing Enterprise Web Services: An Architect's Guide by Sandeep Chatterjee and James Webber. 2003.

Related Articles

Why you should consider using transactions in your development projects. Mark Little's Blog,, March 2. 2006.

Transactions and recoverability: what they mean to your applications. Mark Little's Blog,, May 11, 2005.

Introducing WS-Coordination. Web Services Journal, April 2003.

Introducing WS-Transaction, Part 1. Web Services Journal, May 2003.

Introducing WS-Transaction, Part 2. Web Services Journal, June 2003.

A paper about OASIS WS-CAF. Submitted to ICDCS 2005.

Related Whitepapers

Introducing BPEL4WS. Web Services Journal, June 2003.

JTA and JTS Transactions (refers to Total-e-Transactions, a previous name for the JBoss Transaction Service).

What is the XML Transaction Service?

Web Services Transactions, a paper on the IBM DeveloperWorks site about building transactional Web Services using JBoss and our XML Transaction Service.

General Reading List

A list of generally useful articles and papers can be found here. Not all of them are JBossTS related, but are still relevant.



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