JBoss Transactions Features

JBossTS is a pure Java multi-modal transaction service that supports distributed transactions in CORBA, J2EE and Web services environments.

  • Standards compliance
    • CORBA Object Transaction Service (OTS)
    • Java Enterprise (J2EE) transactions
      • Java Transaction API (JTA)
      • Java Transaction Service (JTS)
    • Web services transactions
      • Web Services Coordination (WS-Coordination)
      • Web Services Atomic Transaction (WS-AtomicTransaction)
      • Web Services Business Activity Framework (WS-BusinessActivity)
  • J2EE and CORBA transactioning features
    • Complete distributed transaction support
    • Automated failure recovery system
    • Flexible deployment: centralized and distributed transaction manager options
    • Interposition support for improved distributed transaction performance
    • POA ORB support
    • Support for both checked and unchecked transaction behaviour
    • Support for both flat and nested transaction models, with nested-aware resources and resource adapters
    • Support for CosTransaction::Current API
    • Direct and indirect transaction management
    • Synchronization interface support
    • Transaction heuristic support
    • Explicit and implicit transaction context propagation
    • Multi-thread aware
  • Tested Database XA Resource Managers (for JBossTS 4.7.0.GA)
    • Oracle 10.2 using Oracle 10.2 thin driver
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 using Microsoft JDBC driver 2.0
    • IBM DB2 8.2.7 using IBM v9 driver
    • PostgreSQL 8.1.9 using PostgreSQL 8.3.604 driver
    • MySQL 5.0.22 using MySQL 5.1.7 driver
    • Sybase 12.5.3 using jConnect 6.0
    • Additionally the databse/driver combinations listed on the EAP page can reasonably be expected to work
  • Web services transactioning features
    • Ensures reliable coordination and application data consistency for business processes that involve Web services.
    • Supports transaction models for both intra-enterprise (EAI) and inter-enterprise (supply chain) Web services integration.
    • Allows for consistent real-time updates across any component or resource involved in the business process.
    • Fully automated crash recovery provides fast, unattended restoration of service after component failures.
    • Future-proof, generic coordination engine architecture supports pluggable protocols.
    • Currently supports the WS-Coordination WS- AtomicTransaction and WS-BusinessActivity specifications. Supports the leveraging of existing transaction infrastructure investments.
    • Architected for portability across a wide- range of Web services platforms. Supports the open source JBoss application server for highly cost effective development and deployment.
    • Close integration with enterprise Java standards, allowing Web services transactions to seamlessly integrate with J2EE application servers, messaging systems and database back- ends.
    • Easy to use Java programming interfaces, based on the emerging JAXTX standard. A rich programming framework reduces overhead in adding transactioning capabilities to Web services.
    • Leverages Arjuna's long history in transaction software, including the industry proven coordination engine, ArjunaCore - as used in the Bluestone and HP application servers.

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