Reasons for choosing JBossTS

Enterprise business processes need reliable coordination and management. JBoss Transactions Service Suite (JBossTS) provides this reliability, helping to guarantee the fast and accurate execution of business operations. Whilst hardware redundancy can minimise the chance of system failures, it can neither eliminate them entirely nor prevent the knock-on effect of possible data corruption and inconsistencies of business transactions. JBossTS, with its automated failure recovery, provides your business transactions with industry proven techniques for ensuring consistency and integrity of your information even in the event of failures.

Here are four more reasons to choose JBossTS:

  • JBossTS guarantees the fast and accurate execution of business processes, preserving the accuracy of business information even in the presence of system failures. Automated crash recovery minimises the cost and duration of unscheduled downtime, allowing you to provide a better service to your customers.
  • JBossTS integrates easily with the JBoss application server, or directly with standalone Java programs. JBossTS provides fast, flexible, standards-based transaction support to J2EE and CORBA applications, working with enterprise databases such as Oracle and MS SqlServer, and JMS compliant messaging servers.
  • JBossTS provides comprehensive documentation and code samples to get you up and running quickly. From basic concepts to complex crash recovery scenarios, our step by step trailmap allows users to rapidly master the art of building or managing robust, reliable software. For more demanding integration scenarios a range of customised training and consultancy packages are also available.
  • JBossTS supports Web Services transactions, including extended transaction models designed specifically for loosely-coupled, long running business processes. J2EE transactions can integrate seamlessly with Web Services transactions using our integrated, bi-directional transaction bridge. Interoperability with many other vendors is provided out-of-the-box and JBoss is an active participant in these standards.

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